Siku 3D Hinge



The Simonswerk Siku 3D hinge is suitable for PVCu main entrance doors with mounting angles.

It is the ultimate combination of design, functionality and processing

It offers:

  • anti-bulgar protection
  • perfect door sealing for high overal heat insulation
  • superior aesthetic look
  • harmonized design
  • high quality finishing
  • high technical standards
  • long life operation with minimun maintenance
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A hinge with rounded edges, coordinated hinge diameters and attractive cover tops to ensure a harmonious overall look.

It is equipped with angle mounting cameras in the door section for an extremely high level of durability and has sturdy mounting rods. All this accompanied with the necessary CE certification.

-High maximum weight

Two hinges can support a door weight of over 100 kg.

The mounting position is suitable for all existing profiles, normal use and the thickness of the flange can be from 18 to 22 mm.

-3D adjustment (height: + 5mm lateral: +/- 5 mm depth: +/- 2mm

The assembly is achieved, thanks to the guides, with the leaf and frame joined together.

The three-dimensional adjustment, free and without mandatory positions, can be achieved just by a single person.


The part of the hinge that is attached to the leaf is equipped with four screws, two front pins and a side reinforcement flap, fixed with two pins, which guarantee total stability.

-Easy assembly

The Siku 3D hinge has a simple and precise mounting system that allows the socket to be assembled by having the leaf attached to the frame. Then by passing the pin, which is blocked by a metal cover, the assembly is completed with ease.

Simonswerk Siku 3D – Installation instructions (EN)