Protect Z-TS Lock


Z-TS 5-point lock

The Z-TS cylinder-operated locks allow the door to be opened and closed with the key. They offer security and functionality, through the range of types of countertops.

  • Lock with cylinder handling and 4 security locking points – ‘mushroom’ type
  • Expandable up to 3100mm with the use of different parts
  • Possibility of combining locks depending on the requirements
  • Applicable to single-leaf or double-leaf entrance doors using latches or one-piece countertops with the ability to close up and down with pins
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The ZT-S lock is the simplest solution for the security of your main entrance without falling behind the most advanced versions of ZT-F and ZT-S.

The classic ZT-S lock has:

  • Lock with cylinder handling
  • Possibility of expansion for high door heights
  • Use up to 4 extra lock points
  • Lock type variety (mushroom, pin, hook)
  • Possibility of hook-pin lock combination for higher security


The ZT-S lock despite its simplistic appearance offers high security and safety at a more affordable price.

In addition, its simple design allows it to be combined with many additional mechanisms of the Maco Protect series.

It can be available with all types of lock (mushroom, hook and pin) but also with the combination of them, always using the appropriate counters. It is also easily scalable for higher heights and easily adapts to any end user requirements.

Maco Protect Z-TS Lock (EN)