Protect A-TS Lock


A-TS Automatic lock

The A-TS automatic lock is the logical evolution of the Maco Protect lock program. The three ‘tongues’ of the A-TS ensure optimal contact pressure. In addition, the two hooks (hooks) extend automatically ensuring the correct closing of the doors without the need to use the key. Functionality is maximized by the use of an engine (electric mode) – automatic opening is also ensured.

  • Burglar protection
  • Offers stability and insulation
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The AT-S lock is the ultimate solution for securing the main entrance of any home, while offering the convenience of automatic locking every time the door closes.

The top features of this technology are:

  • Immediate unlock and easy opening with the turn of a key or with the door handle
  • “Day mode” for easy opening of the door during the day, with a simple push of the door
  • Ideal solution for central entrances of apartment buildings with the use of magnetic counters – cypress
  • Possibility to use an opening motor for full automation
  • Automatic 3-point lock every time the door closes
  • Combination with other opening technologies (card, security keyboard, fingerprint screen)


The 3-point contact ensures optimal contact pressure by offering high thermal and sound insulation from the main entrance of the house. At the same time, the use of a hook system for locking with a lock of up to 11mm gives top security.

The AT-S lock is the future for the main entrance of every home and can offer the solution to every requirement of the user.

Thanks to the high technology of the A-TS, it becomes easy to combine with almost all commercial access systems (electronic card reader, security keyboard system, fingerprint reader, etc.). Still, the connectivity of its functions can be achieved through a remote control system, being an integral part of any “smart” home.

Maco Protect A-TS Access Systems (EN)