Silicone S-200


S-200 is resistant to the appearance of mold acetoxic silicone for sealing joints between glass, aluminum, porcelain, ceramics.
It is highly resistant to water, moisture and detergents.
It shows limited shrinkage after its polymerization.


Opaque, White

* Upon order available in Brown, Gray, Black.

Shelf Life:
At least 12 months in a cool (below 25oC) and dry place.

Category: Interested in product 


  • Adhesion to the materials to which it is applied.
  • Elastic behavior from -40 to +100 oC
  • Usability from +5 to +40 oC
  • Water resistance


S-200 silicone is suitable for sealing and bonding structures made of glass, porcelain (tiles, etc.), non-porous ceramics. It also has excellent adhesion to varnished or painted wood and many plastics such as epoxy, polyester etc.

It is particularly suitable for sanitary and kitchen items (sinks, bathtubs, basins, sinks, tiles, etc.), hospitals, biological and microbiological laboratories, as well as indoors. Prevents the growth of fungi that cause tanning, stains, etc. in these areas. However, it is not recommended for use in aquariums because it contains antifungal.