Lastostick Glue


One component glue based on polyurethane
Strong 1 component adhesive, without solvents
It acts in contact with the humidity of the atmospheric air and withstands water and humidity
Suitable for all materials (aluminum, wood, concrete, ceramics, etc.)
Ideal for internal welding of aluminum profiles (glue for anglers) and all wood constructions
Its mass swells slightly and so can be used for gaps and holes in concrete
Spraying the surfaces with water speeds up the bonding
It is easily applied with a simple silicone gun

Category: Interested in product 


In 1 LT plastic ampoules, 280 ml and 80 ml tubes.

Color: White


  • It is suitable for ordinary building materials, such as aluminum, wood, concrete, tiles, etc.
  • It has high water resistance.
  • It does not contain solvents.
  • The initial solidification of LASTOSTICK in a thickness of 0.1 mm is done in 1-2 hours depending on the thermo-humidity conditions. The full development of the mechanical and adhesive properties is generally fast and depends on the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), the thickness of the adhesive material and the shape of the application.

At least 12 months in areas with normal temperature and humidity.