Protect Z-TF Lock


3-point lock

The ZT-F lock is the ideal security solution for the main entrance of your home thanks to the design of 3 points – tongues, which fit vertically throughout the height of the door, offering top anti-theft protection.

ZT-F technology offers:

  • Optimal performance with the use of pin and tongue lock
  • Greater security with the use of hook type lock (newer model)
  • 3-point lock control using a single key
  • Top sound and heat insulation thanks to the constant contact pressure from the tongues throughout the height of the sheet
  • High security even without the use of the lock thanks to the special design of the tongues.
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Z-TF Permanent contact pressure throughout the height of the door

  • Conventional locks provide – depending on the combination of components – sound insulation or thermal insulation
  • The Z-TF has a combination of locks – tongues and ‘mushroom’ type – ensuring optimum performance on both requirements
  • Immediately after closing the door, the tongues provide the correct contact pressure and then – using the key – the ‘mushroom’ locks secure the door
  • Z-TF, even without the provision of additional locks, offers high security due to the special design of the tongues

Thanks to the 3-point contact and the right pressure at these points, the ZT-F lock is the safe and secure solution for the main entrance of your home or business.
Using the new hook locking technology provides higher safety and security by using the same countersinks.
This version does not provide extensions for higher port heights.

Maco Protect Z-TF lock (EN)