Multi Matic


Features that Multi-Matic inherited from Multi-Trend:

  • Self-adjusting mushroom pin
  • Sheet lock security
  • Pin travel ± 19 mm
  • Scissors for controlled ventilation
  • Tricoat Plus  Surface Treatment (Optional)
  • Adaptability of mechanisms, they are suitable for different types of frames
  • Fittings glued to the second leaf locking lever, even in concealed versions Multi Power  and Invisible .

Multi-Trend features perfected in Multi-Matic:

  • There is no more obvious dentition in the spaniel
  • There is no longer the plate that connects the drive angle with the scissors and the spaniel
  • Easier adjustment of leaf lifting mechanism
  • Lifting wedge in standard equipment
  • Direct connection of the mechanisms with a screw hole
  • Balcony door tongue integrated in the spaniel
  • Less wear on the tongue because it only works in the open leaf position
  • Arm instead of scissors on the second sheet
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Completely new features for Multi-Matic:

    • Possibility of tilting both sheets
    • Installation of mechanisms from the front in order to allow their fully automated assembly
    • Short angle mechanisms: small dimensions, greater ease of use
    • On the second sheet, greater anti-burglary security, with self-adjusting mushroom pins
    • On the second leaf, locking lever with pins and / or mushrooms or latches with mushrooms and front view
    • On the second leaf, a safety mechanism (lock slider) that prevents the opening from the outside


    • Possibility of installing a new hinge for leaf weights up to 160 kg – version DT160 
    • Possibility of installing hinges for sheet weights up to 180 kg (for synthetic profile) and 220 kg (for wood profile) – Mammut version 


  • Reception plate in the standard mechanism in the lower corner of the first sheet
  • New lock security face design
  • Mechanism management roller

Maco Multi-Matic Installation Instructions (EN)