Maco Multi Matic – Invisible


  • With Invisible components, the window pane is displayed at a minimum.
  • Thus, the space requirement is reduced, in the context of the opening is reduced to a minimum and there is sufficient space for the installation of controls for blinds and shutters, as well as for shading systems and curtains.

Technical data – applications

  • Can be used with Maco Multi Trend and Maco Multi Matic gear systems.
  • Increased resistance to burglary.
  • Increased thermal insulation.
  • Perfect tightness.
  • No covers needed.
  • Also available with corrosion resistant Tricoat surface.
  • All mounting settings are possible without loosening the screws.
  • 3D adjustment in the corner bearing area.
  • Built-in opening width adjustment mechanism (90 ° or 95 °).
  • Designed for 9mm shaft.
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