Maco HS


Maco HS – Lifting – sliding system for wood profiles

It is characterized for the aesthetics, usability and comfort it offers.

  • Ideal solution for application in all areas.
  • Increased durability
  • Ease of use when moving
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HS Standard

Lifting – sliding mechanisms for the classical construction methodology.

With new components (tires, bottom, etc.) for increased performance compared to older systems.
•Construction with the usual procedures and the same tools
•Thermal and sound insulation components
•Higher efficiency

HS Performance

For manufacturers who want maximum performance, Maico proposes HS Performance: a revolutionary sliding window, because it is the first lifting- sliding profile of a classic window. The system tolerances allow to achieve the highest efficiency, easier with consequent energy savings.

HS – L

For lovers of minimalism, Maico designed the HS – L: larger glass surface for more light. The visible elements of the fixed and the moving sheet, require the thinnest frame between the mechanisms available on the market today.

•Fixed whole sheet of glass
•Absolutely “clean” lines

Maco Quality Hardware for Sliding Doors (EN)