Glazing Wedges

Glazing wedges for PVCu and aluminum.

Used for glazing.

Available in different colors.

Sizes from 1 to 8 mm.

Available in two dimensions: 100 x 32 and 62 x 26.

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Glazing Wedges for PVC and aluminum 62 x 26

thickness  color   packaging

1mm      yellow    100τμχ

2mm     green      100τμχ

3mm     blue        100τμχ

4mm     red          100τμχ

5mm     white      100τμχ

8mm     black      100τμχ


Glazing Wedges for  PVC 100 x 32

thickness  color   packaging

3mm         black   500τμχ

4mm         black   500τμχ

5mm         black   500τμχ