Keys are not needed, the door locks itself in 3 points

Every time the door is closed, the locking system is automatically activated without the use of a key from us. No one can enter, but we can exit from the inside by simply lowering the handle. The lock extends to 3 points at the same time, so the leaf fits evenly against the door frame. This prevents air or moisture from entering, providing stability and insulation to the home.

Maco Protect A-TS Lock

The top features of this system are:

  • Direct unlocking and easy opening with the turn of a key or with the door handle
  • “Day mode” for easy opening of the door during the day, with a simple push of the door
  • Ideal solution for central entrances of apartment buildings with the use of magnetic counterparts – carp
  • Ability to use an opening motor for full automation
  • Automatic 3-point locking every time the door closes
  • Combination with other opening technologies (card, security keypad, fingerprint display)