• The In-Line system is the top solution for limited spaces combining ease of use with top aesthetics.
  • It has been developed and produced with the aim of maximum comfort, convenience and benefit for end users.
  • Its design offers comfortable, economical and safe use with its options of mechanisms.
  • The system makes access to the outdoors possible with the least possible effort.
  • The product offers a wide range of applications, thanks to the wide range of components and locking systems.
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The In-Line series thanks to the wide range of locks and accessories serves every requirement of the user.
The variety of different jacks (spaniels) are available:
• With countersinks for all profiles and with the possibility of using special enhanced countersinks for greater security.
• With corresponding locks (2 to 4), depending on the dimension.
• With handle depth of 7.5 and 15.5 mm.

At the same time the wide range of “wagons” can carry weight from 30 to 240 kg.

It is possible to create a system with 1 roller of 30 kg and also to reach 280 kg using 2 rollers of 140 kg.

Suitable for PVC and Aluminum constructions

Vorne – Inline System (EN) 

Vorne Sliding Installation- Maintenance (EN)