Door Closer



Door closer for heavy doors

  • Time and usage resilient
  • Power adjsutable – levels 2 -5
  • Suitable for door weight up to 120 kg
  • Adjustable closure and latching speed
  • Certified for 65′ fire resistance and 500.000 opening cycles
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Kale door closer presents the perfect solution for automatic closure of the door in your office, building or even your house.

It can be easily installed and adjusted on any kind of door (wooden, aluminum, PVC) and even on fire doors.

It is certified for fire resistance as well as time and usage resilience.

Thanks to its hydraulic operation, the user can adjust the power that his/her door closes and latches.

Last but not least, thanks to the weight variety that it supports, this door closer can be used easily both on light office doors as well as on heavy main building entrances.

Door closer – Technical specifications (ΕΝ) 

Door closer – Manual and Installation Guide (ΕΝ)